Moldova Energy Sector Reform and Efficiency Improvements Project (ESREI)

Beneficiary: The Government of the Republic of Moldova.
Financing: Grant of the Swedish Government (equivalent of 1.767.147 euro) through a WB/Sida Trust Fund.
Implementation period: 2010-2015
Implementing team: Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit (MEPIU).

Main objective:

  • Part 1. Rehabilitation of the heating engineering systems of the Center for Mother and Child, including modernization of the internal heating systems, cold and hot water supply systems, sewage and sanitary equipment for the largest building of the Center for Mother and Child (Newborn Children Pathology Department and Prematurely Born & Newborn Children Department buildings, 9 blocks). 
  • Part 2. Technical assistance to identify near-term priority investments in Chisinau district heating system with elaboration of a short-term (3 years) investment program. 
  • Part 3. Technical assistance covering consultancy services (financial analysis, corporate governance and legal services) to ensure that the proposed merger between Termocom, CHP-1 and CHP-2 will result in financially viable and sustainable energy company, providing improved heating services for Chisinau. 

The development objective for the Project was to support the Government of Moldova in identification of investments and measures to be adopted in order to address the issues of: (i) security and reliability of energy supply, and (ii) efficiency of both energy production and consumption.

Main results:

  • The implementation of Part 1 brought immediate direct benefits to the final beneficiaries (tens of thousands of patients and physicians of the Centre), such as access to hot water (lacking before implementation), reliable heating, improved sanitary conditions (sanitary blocks repaired and re-equipped), as well as long-term results, presenting a good practice in the rehabilitation and modernization of the infrastructure in important medical institutions of Moldova, which leads to increased efficiency, improved conditions for patients and physicians, increased quality of healthcare in the country with a positive social impact. 
  • The result of Part 2 was the definition of a short-term priority investment programme of approximately US $20 million with (a) justification of the investment priorities and (b) preparation of the technical specifications required for the selected and approved investments.
  • The result of the Part 3 implementation includes the merger of three companies in the sector and organization of a viable financial energy supply company, which provides more qualitative and reliable services.
  • The long-term results of the project include the implementation of urgent measures to modernize the Chisinau central heating system, which allow in the future to decrease the heating tariffs and improve the quality of the services.