04 Mai 2021


Republic of Moldova
Second District Heating Efficiency Improvement Project (DHEIP2)
Project Number: P172668

Contract no. 9134 – B3.1: Audit of Termoelectrica S.A. financial statements for the financial year 2020 ended December 31, 2020

(a)    The names of all consultants who submitted proposals: 

·    Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners (Moldova);
·    IM Grant Thornton Audit SRL (Moldova); and
·    Moore Stephens KSC SRL (Moldova).

(b)    The technical points assigned to each consultant: 

·    Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners             90,65
·    IM Grant Thornton Audit SRL               84,63
·    Moore Stephens KSC SRL                      89,13

(c)     The evaluated prices of each consultant (excluding taxes): 

·    Baker Tilly Klitou and Partners              -       EUR 37,000.00
·    IM Grant Thornton Audit SRL                -        EUR 41,200.00
·    Moore Stephens KSC SRL                       -        EUR 22,000.00

(d)     The final point ranking of the consultants: 

The method of selection for the assignment is Least Cost Selection (LCS). The consultant who submitted the lowest evaluated price proposal is considered the Most Advantageous Proposal to be selected.

(e)    The name of the winning company and the price, duration, and the summary related to the scope of the contract: 

The wining company: Moore Stephens KSC SRL (Moldova).                  

Contract price: 26,400 EUR including VAT. Contract duration: 2 months.

The Auditor should express an opinion on the financial statements of Termoelectrica S.A. prepared in accordance with the Law on accounting No. 287 of 15.12.2017, and with the general accounting principles accepted (National Accounting Standards) in the Republic of Moldova.