30 iunie 2020

Request for Bids Plant
Design, Supply and Installation

(Without Prequalification)


Employer: Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit

Project: Moldova Power System Development Project

Contract title: Construction of a new 400kV Vulcanesti-Chisinau Single-Circuit Overhead Transmission Line

Country: Republic of Moldova

Credit No.: 6380-MD and 6381-MD

RFB No: 6380/6381-A1


1. The Republic of Moldova has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Moldova Power System Development Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for Construction of a new 400 kV Vulcanesti-Chisinau Single-Circuit Overhead Transmission Line (Plant Design, Supply & Installation). For this contract, the Borrower shall process the payments using the Direct Payment disbursement method, as defined in the World Bank’s Disbursement Guidelines for Investment Project Financing, except for those payments which the contract provides to be made through letter of credit.

2. The Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit (MEPIU) now invites sealed Bids from eligible Bidders for design, manufacture, test, supply, delivery, construction, erection, commissioning of a new 400 kV single circuit overhead transmission line (OHTL), three bundle 3 x ACSR 300/69 mm², insulator strings, one conventional earth wire (ACS 95 mm²) plus one OPGW (36 fibers), steel latticed towers, reinforced concrete foundations between Vulcanesti Substation and Chisinau Substation, on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. The length of the OHTL is approximately 158 km. The construction period is estimated to 42 months from contract signing.

3. Bidding will be conducted through international competitive procurement using a Request for Bids (RFB) as specified in the World Bank’s “Procurement Regulations for IPF Borrowers”, dated July 2016, revised November 2017 and August 2018 (“Procurement Regulations”), and is open to all eligible Bidders as defined in the Procurement Regulations.

4. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from MEPIU consultants and inspect the bidding document during the office hours from 09:00 to 18:00 local time at the address given below.

5. The bidding document in the English language may be purchased by interested eligible Bidders upon the submission of a written application to the address below and upon payment of a nonrefundable fee of Moldovan Lei 2 500.00 (two thousand five hundred MDL, 00 bani), in the case of collection from the MEPIU office at the address stated below, or EUR 270.00 (two hundred seventy Euro, 00 eurocents), in the case of courier delivery, net of charges. The method of payment in both cases, will be by bank transfer to one of the accounts listed below:

For Moldovan Lei:

Beneficiary: MF- TR Chisinau - bugetul de stat UCIPE

Fiscal Code: 13747014

Beneficiary Bank: Ministerul Finantelor – Trezoreria de stat

IBAN: MD82TRPHAA145150I15302AF



For Euro:


Beneficiary: MF – TT Chisinau – bugetul de stat UCIPE

Beneficiary Bank: National Bank of Moldova, Chisinau, Moldova Republic Of

IBAN: MD47NBPBFR145150I15302AF


Intermediary bank: De Nederlandsche Bank N.V., Amsterdam, Netherlands

IBAN: NL90FLOR0600126226


6. Bids must be delivered to the address below on or before November 03, 2020, 11:00 AM (local time). Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late Bids will be rejected. Bids will be publicly opened in the presence of the Bidders’ designated representatives and anyone who chooses to attend at the address below on October 01, 2020 at 11:00 AM (local time).

7. All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of EUR 600,000.00 (six hundred thousand Euro, 00 eurocents).

8. The address referred to above is:

To: Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit / Power System Development Project

Attn: Mrs. Aurelia Samson, Director

Address: 1, Alecu Russo Street, Block A1

Floor/ Office number: Sixteenth (16th) floor, office 163       

City: Chisinau

ZIP/Postal Code: MD-2068   

Country: Republic of Moldova

Tel. /Fax: (+373 22) 49 67 90

E-mail: mepiu@mepiu.md  

Website: www.mepiu.md