About us

Moldova Energy Projects Implementation Unit (MEPIU), is an independent, legal entity established by the Government Decision no. 1276 in December 2000.

The task of MEPIU is to ensure the efficient implementation of the projects in the energy sector through their administration, monitoring and coordination in accordance with the Donors’/international financial institutions’ requirements.
During its activity MEPIU has implemented various projects, strategically important for the Republic of Moldova, such as Energy Project, Energy II Project (Heating and Electrical Components), “Interconnection gas pipeline between the Natural Gas Transmission System of Romania and the Natural Gas Transmission System of the Republic of Moldova on the Iaşi (Romania) – Ungheni (Moldova) direction”, „Feasibility Study on Synchronous Interconnection of Ukrainian and Moldovan Power Systems to ENTSO-E Continental Europe Power System”, “Capacity building to the Ministry of Economy in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energy in Moldova”, Moldova Energy Sector Reform and Efficiency Improvements Project, and has performed many other activities in the energy sector, covering financial, investment and technical aspects.
Currently, MEPIU implements projects related to modernization of the centralized district heating system, diversification of natural gas supply sourses, and interconnection of power grids of the Republic of Moldova and Romania.

MEPIU operates in accordance with the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova, its Statute (Regulations), procedures and standards of the World Bank and other international financing organizations.