Second District Heating Efficiency Improvement Project in Chisinau (DHEIP2)

Project Development Objective: increasig the efficiency of the District Heating system in Chisinau.

Project components and activities:

The project will finance the following activities:

Component 1. Optimization of Heat and Electricity Generation:

1.1. Modernization of Generation at CHP Source-1 through:

  • reconstruction of Unit 2, including, inter alia: i) reconstruction of steam turbine high-pressure equipment; ii) retrofit of low-pressure equipment; iii) power generator diagnosis; iv) retrofit and modernization of vibration control module; v) replacement of turbine supporting equipment; vi) replacement of steam boiler burners and other equipment to increase boiler’s efficiency; and vii) installation of automated control module for capacity regulation and burning; and
  • major overhaul of turbine and replacement of boiler heat surface at Unit 3, inter alia: major overhaul of steam turbine high-pressure equipment; and, replacement of steam boiler’ economizer.

 1.2. Increasing Efficient Cogeneration through:

  • installation of efficient cogeneration modular units (gas engines) at HOB West and CHP Source-3; and
  • installation of power transformers and switch gears, and any other equipment for connection to the urban power grid at HOB – West and CHP Source-3; and
  •  provision of technical supervision and support to bids evaluation.

1.3. Development and installation of a management information system for Termoelectrica.

1.4. Development and installation of a Hydraulic Simulation System.

Component 2. Energy Efficiency Investments

Provision of energy efficiency investments in the public and residential buildings, including pilot investments, but not limited to:

  • Installation of individual heat substations and associated piping in selected residential and public buildings;
  • Pilot investments in reconstruction of internal heat and domestic hot water distribution systems in selected buildings by changing from vertical to horizontal distribution to allow heat consumption control at apartment level.
  • Pilot investments for thermal rehabilitation of selected residential buildings with horizontal distribution systems.

Component 3. Project Management

  • support to MEPIU for Project management activities and Operating Costs, including provision of consulting services;
  • carrying out the Project and TE audits.

Implementation period: 2020 – 2025

Loan amount: 92 mln EUR

Donor:  International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank Group)

Implementer: Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure through MEPIU